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The Arctic

July 9 to 16, 2024 Presented by: Cameleo

The Arctic is quite literally the top of the world. It’s a dream destination that only a few privileged people have the chance to visit every year. Whereas the South Pole is located on the Antarctic continent, the geographic North Pole is located on a constantly changing ice sheet in middle of the Arctic Ocean. Despite its lack of natural resources, the North Pole has long been coveted by many countries, as well as by adventurers keen on seeing the rugged beauty of this remote landscape.

Reaching the North Pole isn't easy, but there are routes to get there. Among them is Spitsbergen, an island with chiseled coasts in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, our gateway to the North Pole. Located between the 74th and 81st parallels north, this island features magnificent fjords and spectacular glaciers that represent the best of the Arctic region. It is also the world's northernmost settlement.

We cordially invite you on a 7-day immersion in this surreal landscape aboard Le Lyrial, an exceptional cruise ship owned and operated by Ponant. We will be joined by the internationally renowned explorer Bernard Voyer, the first Canadian to have reached the Magnetic North Pole on his own and one of the few to have reached the geographic North Pole. The acclaimed Montreal restaurant Club Chasse & Pêche will prepare a memorable dinner at sea, with 5 of its team members travelling with us, including Claude Pelletier (executive chef), Olivier Larocque (chef de cuisine) and Hubert Marsolais (co-owner). We will also be joined by a trio of exceptional musicians, André Moisan, Hélène Lemay and Jean Saulnier, who will transform each discovery into a magical experience. Prepare for a contemplative yet active journey that transcends time as we come face-to-face with the primitive forces of nature. Ice floes, icebergs, wildlife, zodiac excursions, shows and educational lectures held inside and on the ship’s deck—the trip promises to be the ultimate conquest of the North.

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