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Canary Islands

September 18 to 25, 2022 Presented by: The International Continuing Education society Cléo

The Canary Islands offer profound landscapes that are difficult to render in images. Located in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, the seven paradise islands are the result of volcanism. Teide, on the island of Tenerife, is the third highest volcano in the world. It is the lava that once sculpted the beauty of these islands: steep peaks, ravines and calderas (giant volcanic craters) are all teeming with life today.

Here, the sun shines all year round. Temperatures are mild: an average of 18 degrees in winter and 24 in summer, and you can enjoy its dream beaches all year round. Stretching over some 256 km, there is a whole variety of beaches: black, blond, red or white sand, wild or tourist beaches, some for sport, others for relaxation. This extraordinary vacation destination is focused on nature, discovery and relaxation. The Canaries will offer travelers a veritable symphony of experiences for the senses.

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