How to obtain your Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination

François Boudrias | 27 October, 2021

            Comment obtenir votre preuve canadienne de vaccination contre la COVID-19 pour les voyages

As the world gradually reopens to tourism, traveling includes its share of new procedures and formalities. In order to standardize the different proofs of vaccination across the country and to facilitate international travel, the Government of Canada has announced the creation of a standardized Canadian proof of vaccination, effective as of October 21, 2021.

This bilingual and detailed proof is issued by the provinces, but also contains a maple leaf that demonstrates international reliability. It is also known under the names of national vaccination proof or Pan-Canadian vaccination passport.

Our travel experience over the past few months shows us that it is absolutely necessary to have this detailed bilingual proof to travel internationally. Here's how to get it:

1 - Fill out the form at the following address:

You will need the following information:

- Your health insurance number
- The date of your first dose of COVID-19 vaccination
- The name of your first dose of COVID-19 vaccination

2 - The form will take you to the next page. Select your contact method and click on "request a download link".

3 - If you requested an email, open the message sent by and click on your download link.

If you have requested to receive your link by text message, that link will be in your smart phone text messages.

4 - Click on the button "Download your proof for use outside Quebec".

5 - Print your proof to have a paper version. We also recommend that you save your proof in pdf format on your smartphone. 


6 - Validate that all of the following information is on your proof and you are ready to travel!

- Your full name and date of birth
- The date, trade name and lot (if available) of your two doses


Each country decides what type of vaccination proof is required, the types of vaccines they accept, the number of doses required, and any exemptions to public health measures. Even with a Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination, a traveller may not be considered fully vaccinated in another country. Canadians should always check the entry and public health requirements of their destination country, as well as the Government of Canada’s travel advice and advisories.. It’s also important they understand their obligations and the entry requirements for returning to Canada.