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Travelling with Cameleo is an opportunity to expand your knowledge while exploring remarkable destinations.
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The Cameleo team renews its creative process with each collaboration.

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Over the years, we have welcomed more than 10,000 participants. Most of them are healthcare professionals and their families. Our greatest pride lies in the fact that more than half of them have made at least two trips with us.

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Comprendre le peso argentin - Entre blue dollar et taux officiel

En raison d’une inflation galopante depuis 2018, deux taux de change coexistent en Argentine. En plus du taux de change officiel en vigueur, on retrouve aussi un taux de change populaire : le blue dollar.

En photos : Le Portugal

En accompagnant Caméléo dans des destinations aussi grandioses que le Portugal, j'ai le privilège de naviguer les paysages du monde et d'en capturer quelques photographies. Voici mes prises préférées pendant l'événement au Portugal en mai 2023...

Track your checked luggage using the Airtag

Would you be willing to spend $40 to reduce your stress at the airport and to have more control in the event of lost luggage? If so, read this article!