Beyond the Unforgettable

We create experiences that broaden horizons and make memories to last a lifetime. Since 2013, Cameleo has gone above and beyond to plan events over several months, with preparations that include visiting the site, building relationships with local professionals and finding magical places for gourmet dinners.

Travelling with Cameleo is an opportunity to expand your knowledge while exploring remarkable destinations.

Our vision

Cameleo believes in the transformative power of exceptional experiences. We provide physicians with unique opportunities to enrich their knowledge and professional networks.

We relish excitement and novelty, just as we value the freedom to indulge in downtime. Like our clients, we're proudly independent.

Our events prove that healthcare professionals can achieve balance between working and vacationing, and that combining the two is a smart career choice. Cameleo strives to remain at the forefront of trends in both the medical education and travel fields.

We go beyond the unforgettable.

Our team is driven by a thirst for adventure and endless wonder.

Our team