Yes. Our travel agent license number is 703160.
We organize at least one event in Quebec per year.
As a travel agency authorized by the OPC, booking with Caméléo will allow you to benefit from the protection of the Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents. Our prices correspond to those of the majority of online resellers. If you prefer, it's always possible to book your plane tickets on your own.

Over the years, we have accumulated an expertise that makes the difference even in personal trips. Feel free to tell us about your plans.

Most of our clients tailor their experience according to their wishes. Since most of our activities are optional, you are completely free to explore at your leisure. The only activities included with the trip are difficult if not impossible for a single traveler to organize, such as our signature nights.

Everything is done in our possible to make you experience the destination in an intimate way.


We send travel manuals and other event-specific documents between one month and two weeks before your departure.

Most of our events are experiences that can be experienced alone, as a couple or as a family. Although we do not restrict children at any time, the majority of families focus on our Southern (Club Med) and summer events.

We always make sure that our guides have a good level of French and English and we also have bilingual members of the Cameleo team, based in Montreal, who accompany the trip.

Oui. Nous choisissons nos hôtels avec minutie, selon leur capacité à nous recevoir en tout confort pour les conférences. Pour être inscrit à l’événement, il faut réserver l’hébergement par notre entremise.

Le nombre de places prévues dans la salle de conférence est en fonction du nombre de chambres réservées.

Some events in international destinations offer optional segments in addition to the main segment which includes conferences.

Your participation in these segments is optional. They are tours designed to explore a destination and do not include scientific activities.

Sure! You can always extend your stay, whether before or after the official dates of an event. Consult our travel specialists to see the options available to you.

A signature evening is unique to each event. It's an evening which combines the culture of the visited country, its gastronomy and the know-how of Cameleo. We say no more!