The Club Med Distinction

François Boudrias | 15 June, 2021

            La différence Club Med

Since the beginning of our events, many have taken place in Club Med establishments. This brand continues to prove that few institutions are so strong when considering the happiness of the whole family as the main criterion.

In researching the perfect family destination for our events, we analyzed what makes Club Med a one-of-a-kind formula.

The feasts 

You can have surprises when arriving at the dining room of an all-inclusive hotel. We have all heard a loved one criticize the quality and variety of cuisine in any establishment. 

At Club Med, the surprise is quite different. The quality of the meals is one of their main strengths. The French heritage is omnipresent when we are confronted with the choices offered in the dining room. The menu is extremely diverse and appealing to the eye. There is often a theme for the time of a meal, with several suggested elements depending on it. The buffet is lively; small portions will allow you to taste several foods during the same meal. 

If the French origins have dictated a guideline for quality, chefs do not hesitate to explore flavors from around the world. In fact, the establishment also focuses on adapting its cuisine to local foods and to the talents of the staff on site. We can therefore expect a tailored experience at Club Meds in different regions of the world. 

Club Med Michès Dining


Their reputation is well established, the G.O. (Gentle Organizers) Club Med are energy bombs from early morning until the very end of the night party. They organize all the activities, from the yoga workshop to the evening play.

Guided by a family and friendly atmosphere, they immerse visitors in the festivity upon our arrival. We quickly forget the city, colleagues, the daily work. With them, it's vacation!

Children's Activities

Children are already well aware of this attraction of Club Med; most villages grandiose activities that you wouldn't find elsewhere.

The popular children's program is available at several establishments, allowing them to form friendships during their stay. Many of the proposed activities are original and chances are your child will be trying something new.

Our "youth" favorite at Club Med remains the circus workshops, particularly the Creactive space in Punta Cana, designed by Cirque du Soleil. Circus facilities are also available at Club Med Cancún, La Caravelle, Michès, Turkoise, Ixtapa and Sandpiper Bay.

Club Med creactive

The structure and facilities of the village

All Club Med villages being different, each has special characteristics that others do not.

We fancy villages that have an adults-only section, such as the zen oasis in Punta Cana, the zen zone in Da Balaia (Portugal) or the zen zone in Bali. These quieter spaces allow you to take a moment of rest while escaping the vibrant energy on the rest of the village. Booking a room near these spaces will transform your experience.

For this enhanced offer compared to typical all-inclusive hotels, Club Med has won our hearts when we plan events for families, couples and people coming on their own.