Club Med Michès, rich in ecological initiatives

François Boudrias | 28 July, 2021

            Le Club Med Michès, riche en initiatives écologiques

Developing a tourism project conscious of the environment to which it is integrated. This is the enormous challenge that Club Med has given itself by inaugurating its village in Michès in 2019.

Through many remarkable initiatives, Club Med Michès demonstrates its desire to  reduce the ecological footprint of its activities. The banner has made large investments in recent years, but Michès brings together for the first time all the projects undertaken recently, which were until now spread in many villages around the world.

Let's explore these initiatives providing a fresh, alive and natural character to this village, a pioneer in the protection of its environment.

Natural Pool

Enjoying pure and limpid water is a luxury that is too often accompanied by a strong chlorine smell that sticks to our skin. The natural swimming pool of the Zen oasis navigates against the current, with its clear water, but no chemical additives. This feat is achieved through an all-natural process that does justice to the purpose of a swimming pool: to immerse in cool water. In our opinion, this is a trend that we will see grow in the coming years.

How does this pool work?

A normal swimming pool contains a filtration system. Without it, the water would become polluted very quickly. It removes all impurities (dead leaves, dust, etc.) that could fall into the pool. A concentrated purifying agent, such as chlorine, bromine or salt, is then added to keep the water clear and bacteria-free.

In the case of the Club Med Michès natural swimming pool, the main tub is surrounded by an area made up of aquaponics which act as a filtration and purification system. This small-scale ecosystem functions like the ocean or a lake by retaining debris in the water. No need for chlorine or other additives; when given optimal conditions, nature can do many miracles!

Piscine naturelle - Club Med Michès Playa Esmeralda

The feeling obtained when swimming in this type of swimming pool is therefore more akin to swimming in fresh water. It's even possible to open your eyes underwater. You quickly get a taste for the absence of chemical additives.
The coolness can be enjoyed directly in the pool, at El Limon Bar, where you can order the signature cocktails of Club Med Michès. The natural pool is located in the Emerald Jungle section, a Zen oasis for adults only.
Aquaponie - Club Med Michès Playa Esmeralda
Piscine naturelle - Club Med Michès Playa Esmeralda

Piscine naturelle et sauveteur, Club Med Michès Playa Esmeralda

Reduced impact on the beach and littoral

Whether by choice or because of enhanced local regulations, the village is located on the edge of the beach, but maintains a very respectful distance from it.

There are therefore no imposing constructions near the water line. Instead, the beach was left as it was, with a large number of palm trees protecting its coastline.

Plage - Club Med Michès

Learning and playing with nature

For children, a stay in Michès allows to learn a lot about the environment. Like many summer camps in North America and elsewhere, this is a place where children experience immersion in nature. As they grow up, they will learn to protect what they love...

Here, we walk into the jungle and learn to contemplate nature. We grow and sow our own fruits and vegetables. The light on site is not excessive in the evening, it is possible to observe the stars.

BREEAM Certification

Club Med Michès Playa Esmeralda has obtained BREEAM certification (for "Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method"), a British certification standard relating to the most widespread and internationally sought-after environmental assessment of buildings.

It is recognized for its rigor and completeness, which takes into account a host of factors, including energy management, waste recovery, water management, materials used, access to sustainable transport near the building, the health and well-being of occupants and workers, etc.

Other tangible initiatives throughout the village  

  • No single-use plastics are used in the village;
  • Solar panels are used to generate renewable energy for the entire village;
  • It serves locally sourced coffee and cocoa products in partnership with local farmers;
  • Staff uniforms are made from recycled plastic bottles;
  • Various programs have been implemented to offer language, vocational and hotel training to more than 900 residents of the region;
  • The village houses more than 30,000 new plants, and more than 2,000 trees were preserved or replanted during the construction of Club Med;
  • Local agriculture is prioritized in order to increase demand for local products and reduce the distance traveled by food;
  • The village also has Green Globe certification.

Nature dense au Club Med Michès Playa Esmeralda

For the tourism industry, this village contains several experiences proving that it is already possible to reduce the ecological footprint of an establishment. Choosing to stay there is a way of believing in activities where nature takes precedence over infrastructure.

All the initiatives listed above show great potential to transform the way we take our vacations. At a time when being green one of the best ways to differentiate ourselves, we are confident that Club Med will continue its momentum of sensible initiatives in the short and medium term, for long-term impact. We can't wait for the competition to follow!
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