Why check in online before a flight?

François Boudrias | 01 June, 2021

            Pourquoi s’enregistrer en ligne avant un vol ?

On the eve of a trip, you receive an email from your airline inviting you to check in online. The gesture may seem unnecessary, because there is always the option of checking in at the airport, but doing this at home can save you a lot of time and hassle during your trip.

Here's why we recommend that you always check in online when this option is available.

Better choice of seats, sometimes for free

Online check-in may allow you to choose your seats for free and benefit from a better choice. There is often a difference between the availability of seats at the start of check-in 24 hours before the flight, and within three hours of departure.

Protection against overbooking

Checking in in advance can protect you against airlines' overbooking practices. Although it is exceedingly rare to have your boarding refused due to these practices, the simple fact of registering in advance gives you the status of a confirmed traveler. Conversely, the last traveler to check in at the airport could find himself in a situation we all prefer to avoid: to be forced to take another flight because of space available on the reserved flight.

Avoid the lines at the airport

Last advantage that goes without saying; you will avoid the lines at the airport. This will give you more time to shop, enjoy a lounge, or just relax before your flight.

How to check in online?

24 hours before your departure, go to your airline's website. You will need your airline ticket reservation and all relevant passports. Your company may send you a message 24 hours before take-off. If so, you can follow their instructions.

You can then check in using your reservation number (sometimes called a confirmation number or booking reference number), depending on the company’s process. It can all be done quite quickly.

Note that some airlines simply do not allow online check-in, as they still require physical check-in at the airport. Each company has different policies and these may vary depending on where you are.

We hope our advice can help you skip the lines at the airport. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding online check-in.