Kitesurfing at Club Med Punta Cana : Everything You Should Know

François Boudrias | 24 August, 2022

            Tout savoir sur le kitesurf au Club Med Punta Cana

While planning my last trip to Club Med Punta Cana, I hardly found any information online about this great kitesurfing spot! I therefore undertook to do a complete report to facilitate the preparation of future travellers.

To find out all about kitesurfing at Club Med Punta Cana, you've come to the right place!


Most of the time, you can expect a northeast wind blowing at 15 knots. A maximum of 25 knots might be possible, but rare. In general, you can hope to launch between 12 and 22 knots.

The best time of year to maximize your chances of wind is winter, from December to April. During this period, good wind one day out of two can be expected.

The wind blows from the North-East, so it is side-onshore and sometimes completely onshore if it blows from the East.

The wind is best in the morning and decreases during the day. That didn't stop me from having great sunset sessions during my stay. On fifteen hours of flight, I only had a moment with a few gusts. The rest of the time the wind was very stable and without major turbulence.

Launching and Landing Spot

Located between the nautical center and the Indigo restaurant, the launching spot is a small beach designated for this purpose. Obstacles are nearby, so you have to be comfortable with takeoff to be able to get out on the water by yourself.

The beach is not exclusive to kitesurfers and there are often people taking a walk or passing by. Letting them know you're about to launch is in everyone's interest.

After landing, you can move your equipment to the huge grassy area behind the nautical center. Your kite can dry there in peace or rest during your break.

Zone de décollage de kite - Club Med Punta Cana
Zone de kitesurf - Club Med Punta Cana
Séchage des voiles de kite - Club Med Punta Cana


Riding Zone

Club Med Punta Cana has a body of water that runs along the beach and is delimited by a barrier for algae. The Indigo restaurant is close to the take-off area and there may be other small obstacles like the swimming area, sailboats, swimmers, palm trees. For pilots in control who are comfortable going upwind. Do not expect to have a foothold on this spot; the depth is about 6 feet.

Club Med Punta Cana Kite Map

← Inside the barrier:The barrier helps to break up the waves and flatten the water even though the swell may continue to enter. The area in front of the "Tiara" rooms at the south end of Club Med has some rocks and should therefore be avoided.

This part of the body of water is not large and can get busy if there are other kitesurfers or sailboats.

→ Outside the barrier : You can take the exit for the boats or jump over the barrier to get out. Do not go near the wreckage which is clearly visible, but which hides shallow rocks at its side. Those who choose to go outside the barriers can go surfing the few waves that break a little further, but expose themselves to more risks when leaving the official riding zone. For experienced kiters only.

Kitesurf restaurant Indigo - Club Med Punta Cana


Kiting Gear Advice

The ideal is to bring equipment that is suitable for light winds. Kites from 10m2 to 17m2 were used by the surfers on site during my stay in late March 2022.

All types of boards can be used on the body of water; twintip, surf and foil. Most kiters use twintips, but a surf board might be perfect for the waves produced by the reef outside the barrier. As for the foil, there is enough space without obstacles - but an experienced surfer who only comes with a foil could be cramped in this body of water, depending on the direction of the wind.

I recommend bringing all the necessary equipment to be completely independent. The nautical center has some handy tools like an air compressor for the kites - but it wasn't working one morning when I arrived early and was glad I brought my own pump.

I had a lot of fun with a Duotone Evo 12 m2 which was very useful. I had also brought an 8m2 which did not fly at all. The day I return to Club Med Punta Cana, I will also bring a 15m2. My board is a Mako 140 cm and I weigh 80 kg.

Fellow Kiters and Crowd

In the end, few people come to Club Med Punta Cana with their own equipment. It can sometimes be difficult to find someone to launch and land your kite outside the opening hours of the nautical center. We are far from the big busy spots like Cabarete.

Knowing how to take off and land your kite by yourself is an asset, but is not absolutely necessary. I had to take off and land alone at times, but I guess I could always have found myself someone / a G.O. with a little patience.

During my 12-day stay, I met 7 other people who were kitesurfing independently like me. At most, the spot will have about ten riders at the same time.

Arrival and departure logistics

Most airport to Club Med transfer vehicles can carry kitesurfing equipment. These are often large or small buses, or cars, which can carry reasonable oversized luggage.

When you arrive at Club Med, a porter brings your luggage to your room when it is ready (usually at 3 p.m.). Please note that this operation can take more than an hour - so you will need to specify that you wish to have your luggage quickly, or take charge of your luggage yourself if it is windy on your arrival and you are impatient to ride.

In preparation for your departure, it is possible to dry your equipment on the lawn next to the nautical center.

Services offered on site

The Club Med Punta Cana kitesurfing center is a franchise; it is independent but operates all of Club Med's kitesurfing activities. All services must be booked and paid for on-site.

Kitesurfing lessons ($)

The kite school offers 3-hour private lessons for first-time beginners, or for people who need to improve. Courses are often set up as follows, unless otherwise requested:

  • 1st hour: Techniques for piloting the kite on short lines
  • 2nd hour: Bodydrag techniques in the water
  • 3rd hour: Waterstart and introduction to riding the board

Cours de kitesurf Club Med Punta Cana

Equipment rental ($)

An autonomous person can rent complete or partial equipment. Several varieties and brands of kites are available on site.

Safety Supervision ($)

A boat dedicated to the safety of kitesurfers is always available during the opening hours of the nautical center. To benefit from this service, you must inform the manager and pay the associated fee of $50 (USD - April 2022).

Note that supervision does not replace a lesson and that you must be independent to benefit from it. In the event of a problem, someone watches over you and has the means to help you.

Private Lockers ($)

Lockers are available at the nautical center; you can store your gear there so you don't have to bring it back to your room each time. A locker is rented for 120$USD per week (April 2022) and you must bring your padlock.

Compresseur à air - Club Med Punta Cana

Air Compressor

A little luxury to speed up your launch! An air compressor is available on site at no additional cost. It has all the necessary adapters for all kites. Not to be taken for granted - best to bring a hand pump as well to avoid disappointment in the event of a problem or breakage.

Compresseur à air - Club Med Punta Cana


Outdoor showers are available throughout Club Med, including two next to the nautical center.


Club Med Punta Cana is an excellent place to take first lessons or for autonomous riders, comfortable in piloting and able to go upwind.

The water is warm and the infrastructure of the all-inclusive formula allows you to take advantage of the wind when there is some, or to do other activities on calmer days. A beautiful, easy and accessible destination to spend time on the water!

You can either rent equipment ($) or bring your own if you are independent. Kitable winds are 12 to 22 knots in general, and it is better to favor the months of December to April for good winds.


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