Trapp Family Lodge, a paradise for active families

François Boudrias | 01 June, 2021

            Trapp Family Lodge in Summer

Perched on a private mountain, the Trapp Family Lodge makes us forget that we are only 2 hours from Montreal, upon our arrival. Away from the small village of Stowe, Vermont, the resort offers a multitude of activities that make many happy, young and old alike. And while only a few original members of the Von Trapp family remain, known for inspiring the cult film The Song of Happiness, their spirit is still felt.

Naming all the activities offered in the village would be a tedious task. Its director, Sam Von Trapp, takes great pleasure in adding more each year. These include harp lessons, a baking workshop, a beer at the von Trapp brewery, or to simply enjoy the 2,400 acres of land. In summer, the trails are suitable for walking and mountain biking. In winter, we switch to cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. The fitness center is a mainstay of the resort, with its majestic swimming pool, climbing wall and spa. We notice here a trend, on the architectural side, at Trapp. Wood and upholstery are omnipresent, mountain views are maximized and daylight is invited into the rooms. You automatically feel at home.

Trapp Family Lodge Balcony

The family aspect of the lodge is evident in their varied accommodation offer. The main lodge offers a rustic, local and vintage feel. The rooms are quiet and well spaced. The buffet-style breakfast is certainly worth a visit to the dining room every morning.

The village also has many chalets, called “guest houses”. Each guest house is equipped with a double bedroom, a twin bedroom, a living room, a functional kitchen and two bathrooms. The units have private access and the landscaping between each allows for good privacy. The balcony always offers a view of the mountains.

Trapp Family Lodge Guest Houses

The “villas” of the Trapp Family Lodge have been designed for a wealthy clientele wishing to enjoy the charm of Vermont in peace. Further away from the village, these vacation homes are larger and more open than the guest houses. It can be rented as a two- or three-bedroom model. All villas have been carefully designed to allow tranquility, autonomy and connection between nature and their guests.

The Von Trapp family has increased its investments in gastronomy over the past few years and the place is rapidly modernizing itself. Since its opening in 1947, the Trapp family has been a pioneer in operating Stowe as a ski village. Efforts have always been made in gastronomy, but with the advent of higher expectations from tourists, Trapp Family Lodge needed to refresh its offerings.

Today's village includes the Von Trapp Bierhall, brewing around 230,000 liters of German and Austrian lagers per year. As for the dining room, many initiatives have been made to tend towards autonomy and obtain quality ingredients. It is therefore not surprising to see Scottish cows, goats, chickens and sheep in various places on the grounds, in addition to a productive vegetable patch bordering a breathtaking garden.

Needless to say, Trapp Family Lodge is a magical place for active families wanting to try something new. Located a few miles from the charismatic village of Stowe, the location can take you far and wide, without leaving the continent.

A bit of Austria, a lot of Vermont, they say ...

Trapp Family Lodge Concert